Jasper Blom – tenor sax

Sean Fasciani – bass

Felix Schlarmann – drums




In a short period of time, Stevie Wonder caused a musical earthquake in the seventies when he released a couple of legendary pop albums. Almost all of the songs from that era became instant classics and now belong to the soundtrack of many people’s lives. But Stevie’s mix of funk grooves, jazz harmonies and catchy melodies is not only the favourite of many dance parties and car stereos. His music seems to embody a perfect invitation for jazz improvisers.

Jasper Blom, Sean Fasciani and Felix Schlarmann present you an exclusive Stevie Wonder program. As trio with a jazz line-up of sax, bass and drums they bring an ode to one of the most creative musical minds of the twentieth century.


WonderYears live in Zutphen (Higher Ground)