JBQ plus Pablo Held


Jasper Blom – tenor / soprano sax

Jesse van Ruller – guitar

Frans van der Hoeven – bas

Martijn Vink – drums


Pablo Held – piano



The Jasper Blom Quartet features four internationally acclaimed Dutch jazz
musicians, that have been together for more than 12 years. Blom’s intelligent
compositions cover a wide range of stylistic influences. Supported by the stellar
playing of guitarist Jesse van Ruller and one of the most amazing European jazz
drummers, Martijn Vink, the Jasper Blom Quartet is a true showcase of what melody,
rhythm and harmony have to offer in composition and improvisation. The JBQ
performs regularly throughout Europe on major international festivals and in clubs.
Recently the JBQ has started working with internationally acclaimed soloists.
Under the name “POLYPHONY” the JBQ has started working with internationally
acclaimed soloists. POLYPHONY started with Blom’s fascination for 15th century
medieval polyphonic music. Inspired by French and Flemish masters like de
Machaut, Dufay and Ockeghem, Blom composed his own version of medieval
polyphonic music for jazz quintet with guest soloist Bert Joris.
From there, Blom developed a more improvisational approach of polyphony based
on 20th century influences like Bartok and Hindemith combining this with the old
medieval Hoketus technique and invited German star trombonist Nils Wogram to
share the stage.
In POLYPHONY PART THREE, the Tone-clock system as developed by the Dutch
classical composer Peter Schat is the departure point for newly composed music.
Symmetrical tone rows and triads generated by the tone-clock system create new
melodies, new harmonies and new improvisation material.
In POLYPHONY PART THREE, one of the most prominent figures of the young
German jazz generation, pianist Pablo Held is featured .
Since winning the Rising Star Award of the European Concert Hall Organization, Pablo Held is touring the
world with his trio. Absolute highlights are his collaborations with John Scofield and Chris Potter.

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